Mittwoch, 7. April 2010

Todesritter Tanks nur Blut Skillung in Cataclysm


Ghostcrawler hat angekündigt, dass mit Catalcysm die Todesritter Tanks einen bestimmten Tankbaum haben werden und der sei "Blut". Das bisher jeder Baum mehr oder weniger zum tanken geeignet ist soll wohl ein Test gewesen sein um zu testen ob man dies auch beim Paladin und Druiden anwenden könnte.


Klassenänderungen mit Cataclysm werden demnächst von Blizzard preisgegeben:

Wie schon erwähnt wird Blizzard die kommenden Tage die einzelnen Änderungen der Klassen erwähnen. Wie informativ das ganze sein wird ist mir noch unklar und wird sich ja dann aufklären.

Beginning Wednesday, April 7 we will begin releasing class previews containing an overview of some of the changes currently being planned for each of the 10 World of Warcraft classes. The type of information you can expect from these posts are a list of the new spells from 80-85, the new passive mastery bonuses for all talent trees, a brief outline of some of the talent changes we're currently planning, and in some cases new low level spells for select classes.

These changes will by no means be comprehensive, and are subject to change between now and the launch of the expansion. It's also important to understand that some classes are currently further along in the development process than others, and as a result the amount of information will vary from class to class. Please do not let this frustrate you should your class be amongst those which are on the "lighter" side of things, as all classes will receive the same level of design attention before the expansion is released. Additionally we'll be providing more information for all classes, especially as we move into the beta phase.

Below is the schedule for each class:

Shaman - April 7
Priest - April 7
Warlock - April 7

Warrior - April 8
Death Knight - April 8**
Rogue - April 8

Hunter - April 9
Druid - April 9
Mage - April 9

Paladin - April 16*

These posts are being coordinated internationally so they'll be posted at different times throughout the day and night on the given dates to give players around the world the ability to see posts made at a convenient time. This thread will be updated with links directly to each class preview as they're posted.

*The paladin is still deep in development. Instead of giving a preview that would be potentially less comprehensive than the other classes we made the decision to post it when it's ready, in order to properly honor the paladin class and those that play them. The wait isn't too long however as we're expecting to be able to post it on April 16. Quelle

Schamanen werden gebufft:

Mit dem wahrscheinlich nächsten Hotfix wird die Schamanenfähigkeit "Schlaghagel" um satte 5% gebufft.

We agree with some of the recent discussion about Enhancement dps. We are going to hotfix a change to the Flurry talent to increase it from 25% to 30% attack speed with 5 ranks.

We also agree that Enhancement may have survivability problems and understand that players don't necessarily feel they can afford the bonus Stamina from the Toughness talent, at least in PvE. We don't have an immediate change to deploy here, but it's something we'd like to fix and a candidate for future patches. Quelle



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