Samstag, 27. Februar 2010

Blizzard Entwickler Chat auf Twitter am 26. Februar

Guten Mittag,

auf Twitter wurden nun viele Fragen bzgl. WoW beantwortet. Unter anderem auch Fragen über Cataclysm.

die deutsche Zusammenfassung kommt noch.

Q. Will existing races have their starting areas reworked to provide a more "epic" experience similar to the Goblin/Worgen starts?
A. Not quite at the Goblin / Worgen level, but we are looking at all the original start zones, especially for two races who feel a little disenfranchised at the moment.

A#2. We have big plans in store for both the trolls and the gnomes in regards to their starting experience but you probably already know that. Wink

We are also planning to spice up the starting zones for all of the other races as well. You can expect gameplay changes to the actual zones, as well as improved quest flows and all new items to match.

Q. The 3.3.3 PTR included some unreleased 'event' details (no spoilers). Should we expect to see that event in the lifetime of 3.3.3?
A. Something leaked in the patch? That never happens! The plan is for these events to go live sometime before Cataclysm ships. We don’t have an exact time yet, but we would like players to have a good month or two to play through these events to help build the back story for what is going to happen in Cataclysm.

Q. Regarding Cataclysm, can you reveal any of the 'major changes' in Blasted Lands and how this will affect the lore?
A. I love the fact that one of our first questions is in regards to the Blasted Lands! We have big plans in store for this zone in Cataclysm. We will be revamping the entire flow of the zone so you can expect an entirely new experience here. Some of the big changes include an opening to the coastline for a new play area, as well as a large new worgen area in The Tainted Scar.

Q. In Cataclysm, do you plan on releasing two raid instances at a time (like Serpentshrine Cavern/Tempest Keep), or are we only getting one at a time (i.e. Naxxramas followed by Ulduar)?
A. We like the idea of having more smaller raids rather than one large one. In other words, we will have more than one at Cataclysm launch.

Q. When will we get new info and updates on Cataclysm?
A. We have an article on the stat changes that should be going up really soon. You'll see more over time as we get closer to launching this next expansion.

Q. With the new gear stats system in cataclysm, will you go back and redo all the old gear, or will it only affect new gear?
A. Yes, we redid all the old gear.

Q. Should players be concerned about what gear they pickup in this expansion, because of the gear overhaul that is coming?
A. I wouldn't stress over it. You'll probably replace that gear pretty quickly. Since we have 5 levels, we don't really want players getting all the way to 85 without having upgraded at all.

Q. Will any of the new race/class combos be available before Cataclysm is released?
A. No.

Q. With the Lich King defeated, in Cataclysm, will the Plaguelands be green and beautiful again?
A. Western Plaguelands will finally be free of the plague in Cataclysm. It’s hard for the Scourge to survive without their beloved Lich King. I guess this means we need to rename the zone?

Q. Why did the Night Elves bring the Worgen into the Alliance, and were described as "old allies"?
A. The men and women of Gilneas were the "old allies."

Q. I'd like to see a new Isle of Quel'Danas-like daily quest hub in Cataclsym. One place, no travelling quick gold daily (: please?
A. We are planning to do exactly this for Tol Barad. When the battle is not taking place, players will be able to use the island as a daily quest hub. This will of course be very fun on PVP servers. =)

Q. Will we get some info about the other zones revamped in Cataclysm, like Stranglethorn Vale or Tanaris?
A. Yes, we are hoping to do a few specific web features on a few of the old world zones and exactly what is changing with them. Stranglethorn Vale is seeing a large amount of changes so it is a great candidate for this.

A#2. A. Some Tanaris goblins wisely invested in desert real estate and reaped the benefits when it became beach-front property.

Q. Why we have never seen a female worgen model? I Want to see a beautiful one from you. ^^
A. The female model looks great! Hopefully we will get some screenshots of her up soon.

Q. Due to Silverpine's (and thus the worgen's) proximity to Undercity, will we be seeing the Forsaken move?
A. The Undercity will still be home to the Forsaken. In fact, since Azeroth is now flyable, we went back and rebuilt the entire surface area of Lordaeron. We should get some screenshots of this up. It looks amazing!

Q. They improved how water looks... seems only logical they'll let us near the shores more often because of that =)
A. We are opening up as many places as we can to the water in Cataclysm. A few examples would be Blasted Lands, Stonetalon and Shimmering Flats. Heck, Shimmering Flats is a lake now!

Q. Will there be any type of water mount, like, submarines?
A. We actually have two brand new subs that we made for Cataclysm. These submarines will be used as transports. We have one for gnomes and one for goblins. The subs are huge too! Both are about the size of the Gunships from Icecrown. Wink



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