Mittwoch, 17. März 2010

Machinima der Woche - Welcome to the Deadmines by X-Cross

Hey Ho,

hier ein humorvolles und sehr schick anzusehendes Machinima von X-Cross. Viel Spaß !

Zusammenfassung vom Autor:

Winner of the "World of Warcraft Movie Contest: Rise to Power"

"Welcome to the Deadmines" is a Disney style tribute to the rise of the Deadmines as a fan favorite among dungeons old and new. Now that it's returning as a level 85 heroic instance, it seemed fitting to not only tell the story of the brotherhood's rise to power, but also the rise to power of this amazing dungeon.

Edwin VanCleef and the other bosses sing about their roles within the mines, the history of their fight with Stormwind, and why they are the most liked villians in the World of Warcraft.

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Thanks for watching!

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Danke an xcrosspictures für den Up!

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